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Children’s Stories

Children names have been changed to protect their privacy but the stories are real.

Cristina and Daniel:

She has the most beautiful smile in the world. She is a tiny, sweet girl, smart and full of life; she is just five years old. She had no name until a few months ago when “Mia’s Children” succeeded in giving her a name and birth certificate that proves her existence. Now she’s Cristina. Mia’s Children has raised Cristina since she was two weeks old, along with her brother, Daniel, who is now almost three. They come from a family of seven children, abandoned by a mother who is mentally challenged and lacks parenting skills. They were nameless children, children who didn’t exist. At Mia’s Children, they’re getting all the love, care and attention they deserve. They play, they laugh, they get their daily meals, they’re getting the life that most of us take for granted.

Cristina became a little star when she was cast in a Romanian movie to be released this fall. We’ll have the privilege of seeing her smile on the screen and we’ll be able to show the world that inside each child there is a story waiting to be discovered.

Had the survived their infancy, Cristina and Daniel would have become indigents. Now they have a normal life and bring joy, hope and love to everybody who meets them. They also have a future, but only because of the help of people like you, people who care.

Maria, Ion, Petro, Corina and Relu

They are five siblings: two girls and three boys. They had lived in abject poverty since they were small. Their unemployed father expected to be supported by the family and starting with their mother, he would beat them daily. The bruises on their bodies covered the bruises on their souls. Today, the oldest girl, Maria, is a student at the University of Bucharest. She wants to become a social worker and help abused children. Her brothers, Ion and Petro, are sponsored by Children Skills for Life. They will attend a trade school to become chefs. Their other sister, Corina, is a student in the 9th grade and the youngest brother, Relu, will start Mia’s Children’s kindergarten program this fall.

Where would these kids be if they had remained with their parents? Corina’s father taught her that to be a girl was shameful, so he raised her as a boy. She was confused and acted out. “One day, as we were talking about feelings,” Mia tells us, “Corina confessed that she feared her female soul was trapped in a man’s body.” She wanted to be free of her false self. After intensive therapy and much love and care, Corina is not afraid to be a girl. She is now a balanced, blossoming teenager, ready to love and start her life with no shame or fear. “All of the siblings are here today,” says Mia. “They laugh, they learn, they work and they play. It is such a joy for us to see them growing every day.”

With Mia’s help and your support, they now have a future.


They were children without a childhood, left in misery after the death of their father and abandoned by a mother who ran away with a boyfriend. They were children forced to live in cardboard boxes and dangerous places where crime, drugs and prostitution were the norm. This is the story of Ana and her brothers before coming to Mia’s Children.

When they were found, their faces were filthy, their smell dank, and their eyes were sad and fearful. Ana was abused by her mother’s boyfriend and for three years feared a man’s touch. She never smiled.

The fear, the doubt, the pain and sorrow are far away now. Mia’s Children put Ana back in school and, at 18, she is an art student in the 12th grade. She’s kind, gentle and beautiful. She loves to paint flowers and she learned to smile. She is taking good care of all the little kids at Mia’s and she would love to use her talents to teach other underprivileged children to love color and heal their sorrows, as it has healed hers, through painting.


Adrian and Andrei

Adrian learned to talk when he was seven; he was mute when found begging for a piece of bread. He never smiled. He was considered slow and was covered by dirt and lice. No school would accept him. He was a homeless child with no future.

In the beginning, Mia and her husband, Costel, home-schooled Adrian. They worked patiently, day-by-day, to help him discover the joys of learning, the joys of life. Adrian is now enrolled in the 8th grade in a school for children with special needs (he’s dyslexic) and last year he won a painting award in a national contest. He doesn’t remember the scary nights or what it means to be cold and hungry.

Adrian’s brother, Andrei, abandoned school in the 4th grade. He was also home schooled by Mia and now he’s attending a trade school sponsored by Children Skills for Life. He will become a chef and waiter.

What would have happened to these two brothers without Mia’s Children’s love, help and dedication, and without the contributions from people like you?

What happened to those abused, frightened children? Looking at who Adrian and Andrei have become, the accomplished artist and the responsible worker, we know that there’s always hope.

One child’s life, transformed, can change the world !!!

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