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Casa Mea

Janis M. Calos left her home and a successful law practice in Dallas, Texas to establish "Casa Mea" (My Home) in Romania. Prior to this she worked as a nurse, primarily in the area of pediatrics before obtaining her law degree. As a lawyer, she represented victims of medical malpractice, eventually establishing her own law firm.
In 2003, after a trip to Romania, she established "Casa Mea" just outside Brasov, in Transylvania, and is now the Executive Director.
In Romania about 9,000 children are abandoned each year.  In 2004 there were over 43,000 children in orphanages throughout the country.

"Casa Mea" was founded in 2003 as a non-profit, non-faith based organization dedicated to providing a loving home for abandoned babies. It intends to provide a permanent, family type home for 10 to 12 children until adulthood. The children will have the opportunity to interact with adults (care givers) and other children.  They will share in the domestic routines, family responsibilities and family holidays.  They will also attend local schools and play with other children in the community.

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"Casa mea" is currently dire need for a transportation vehicle which will be able to transport all children.
Rotary Club of Bucharest has secured an excellent offer from Fiat Corporation for a van of 8+1 seats.
We would like to make this a joint project between RC of Bucharest - D2241 and several Clubs in D5240 and D5260.

Please join in our effort to help this organization which is helping the abandoned children in Romania!